Welcome to Talbot-Torro

As the hyphen in the name Talbot-Torro indicates, the brand was originally
two separate companies.

Derek Talbot was the top British badminton player in the 1970’s who contributed significantly to making badminton an Olympic sport. After completing his sporting career he founded the Talbot company. In the 1990s, the Talbot company was taken over by the owners of the brand Schildkröt Sportarticles. In collaboration with Derek Talbot and the expert product development team of Schildkröt Sportarticles, our racquets have been further developed to become high-quality, competition level racquets.

The Torro company was founded in Hamburg in the 1980s. In 1992, this young, up-and-coming brand was taken over and merged with Talbot to become Talbot-Torro.

Today Talbot-Torro is regarded as the leading brand in the high-quality,leisure badminton market in Central Europe and is still a sister brand of Schildkröt.

Talbot-Torro presents ELI – Easy Learning Initiative

Talbot-Torro presents ELI – Easy Learning Initiative, an innovative badminton into schools concept for badminton beginners. 15 years after the launch of the successful BISI (badminton rackets for school sport), Talbot-Torro presents a substantially enhanced and carefully developed learning concept, with specially designed badminton rackets for kids, a special concept developed in cooperation with Holger Hasse, long-time coach of the National German Badminton Association.

Speed Badminton - at Talbot-Torro

Speed Badminton is the most versatile racket game in the world! It can be played at the beach, in a park, in the garden – and a net is not needed. The wind resistant shuttle is heavier and smaller than a normal badminton shuttle cock. Therefore it brings an extra lot of speed! With the brand new range of Talbot-Torro you can decide between different set types - from Beginners to Speed Badminton Pros!