High Performance System: Talbot-Torro created a new product range of top rackets due to the combination of best material and innovative technologies.


Graphite Handle

The handle made of 100% graphite makes the racket ultra-light. By using graphite instead of wood the danger of handle breakage is reduced to zero.

Air Flex

A short flexible PE ferrule allows the shaft to swing more flexibly where strokes are being played over a long distance. The incrased leverage provides powerful strokes.

Isometric Head Shape

Isometric head shape for larger sweet spot and more consistent shots.

Long Shaft Power

Special, by 1cm longer shaft which is more bouncy once the shuttle is in contact with the string and which therefore provides maximum power and utmost speed.

Mega Power Zone

Ten larger grommet holes each right and left of the inside frame make the „Mega Power Zone“. These bigger holes allow the strings to swing more freely and cause a higher rebound effect in the sweet spot area, thus yielding more power.

Multitaper Profile

The thin aerodynamic structure of the frame getting wider in the upper head yields more weight/power to the swing and increases the torsion stiffness for control.

Power Bridges

Elastic PU-rubber bridges offering maximum string flexibility and reduced shock
= 7% more speed + less shock

Power Waves

The wave-like shapes each right and left of the outside frame minimize the frictional string resistance where the string passes through the grommets in the frame and reduce the strain on the string. The resulting more elastic string bed provides a higher transfer of energy through the increased trampoline effect and maximizes ball acceleration by approx. 5%.

Slim Shaft

New slim shaft with approx. 0,5mm reduced diameter for supra-light racket weight and reduced air resistance, resulting in top handling and increased speed.

Triangle Profile

New aerodynamic frame shape for an improved acceleration.


Rackets with the U-profile have longer than usual cross strings making the strings more elastic and the swings stronger.