Isoforce 1011

The Isoforce 1011 is the ultra-light, sporty top racket with a slim profiled frame of the series in the all-round/control area for club players and spare time players at an advanced level. With Galaxy black string. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2018

two piece

Shaft and frame are manufactured in two separate high-tech production processes, ensuring exact control of shaft flexibility and frame stiffness

carb4 kevlar

High modulus 30t graphite. High shaft momentum, reinforced by kevlar and titanium, also for higher string tension

balance head

Centre of balance is closer to the racket head for vast shuttlecock acceleration

flex mid

Mid-stiff shaft for the controlled allround play

power waves

The wave-like shapes each right and left of the outside frame minimize the frictional string resistance where the string passes through the grommets in the frame and reduce the strain on the string. The resulting more elastic string bed provides a higher transfer of energy through the increased trampoline effect and maximizes ball acceleration by approx. 5%.


Ten larger grommet holes each right and left of the inside frame make the „Mega Power Zone“. These bigger holes allow the strings to swing more freely and cause a higher rebound effect in the sweet spot area, thus yielding more power.

slim shaft

New slim shaft with approx. 0,5mm reduced diameter for supra-light racket weight and reduced air resistance, resulting in top handling and increased speed.


The handle made of 100% graphite makes the racket ultra-light. By using graphite instead of wood the danger of handle breakage is reduced to zero.


Tolerance of weight incl. strings max. +/-3 grams


Tolerance of weight excl. strings max. +/-3 grams


Maximum recommended string tension