Arrowspeed 199

Arrowspeed 199 is the new basic frame of this range. The racket, in solid composite construction and one-piece optic, also offers an air flex handle cap and power-waves, providing an excellent inherent acceleration. The 199 is the ideal racket for recreational play, first training or school sport. With Galaxy black string.

one optic

Optic one-piece construction

graph comp

Graphite composite construction with 100% graphite shaft for more flexibilty and power

power waves

The wave-like shapes each right and left of the outside frame minimize the frictional string resistance where the string passes through the grommets in the frame and reduce the strain on the string. The resulting more elastic string bed provides a higher transfer of energy through the increased trampoline effect and maximizes ball acceleration by approx. 5%.

air flex

A short flexible PE ferrule allows the shaft to swing more flexibly where strokes are being played over a long distance. The incrased leverage provides powerful strokes.


Tolerance of weight incl. strings max. +/-3 grams


Tolerance of weight excl. strings max. +/-3 grams


Maximum recommended string tension