Isoforce Series 2022/2023


The Isoforce series is by far the most popular racquet series from the brand Talbot-Torro, and has been so for years. These racquets are technologically designed with forgiving isometric heads for maximum effortless playability. The very diverse Isoforce series offers the right racquet for every player from the ambitious beginner to the club player.

The Isoforce series is divided into two sub-categories:

The x11 models are comfortable, easy-to-play regular length racquets for top handling.

The x51 models are so-called long bodies, which have a shaft extended by 1cm and therefore adds to a powerful and strong game.

The absolute highlight of the Isoforce series is certainly the Isoforce 1011. Due to the special hollow graphite grip combined with the lightest carbon4, this racquet, including the cover and grip strip, achieves a total weight of only 80g and thus is one of the lightest racquets on the market.